Seth Paul - lead vocals, guitar

Unassuming may just be the best way to describe Seattle based singer/songwriter Seth Paul. Confident? Perhaps. Driven? Absolutely. But unlike many other musicians who fall under the singer/songwriter umbrella, Seth is reserved, deliberate and modest. Nowhere is this more clear, then on his debut album, Stepping Away.

For Seth, it seems as if life had pointed him in this direction early on. Raised by a philosopher/artist mother in the shadow of an absent, albeit brilliant, pianist father, music was a part of his life for as long as he can remember. Raised on everything from Bob Dylan to Miles Davis, Seth absorbed what he describes as "an intellectual music background." By 16 he had devoted himself to the guitar, and by 17 with the help of a drum machine and 4-track, he was composing and archiving his own songs.

It seemed only a matter of time once Seth abandoned his hometown of Spokane for Seattle that he would find the correct set of circumstances that would allow him to flourish. The beginning of his professional career came when he met and began working with long-time producer Steve Adamek (The Believers, Left Hand Smoke).